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This blog contains the bits & pieces of my life and the story of my long distance relationship.
One of my favorite #quotes from the king of reggae.. should work both ways tho ❤️ #BobMarley
Food for your thought 👌 #instaquote
A man from God will always enhance your life, not take away. He lifts you up, encourages you, & gives you a peaceful feeling down on the inside. Your relationship is balanced, not unstable and confusing all the time. He resembles a blessing not a curse. God’s man is a gift. You’re grateful for him when you’re in his presence. You dont worry or fret about your future. You can both feel God in your midst. Your lives make sense when you’re together.  You smile without effort. He makes you proud. There is peace. It is good, it is right, it’s God. Happy first wedding monthsary, my God-sent man. More blessed years to come. I love you to bits & pieces. @markg_n ❤️
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To love someone because you both love #God is the best kind of #love.❤️
My gwapong groom 😍😘 #myweddingday
Prenup ❤️ #love
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Best day of my life 👰💍❤️ #weddingday #blessed (at Fraces Teresa Garden)
Moon at 6pm #nofilter #latergram  (at Clark Picnic Grounds, Pampanga)